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Hospitality & the BIOPROTECTUS™ System


Hospitality Services Must Protect surfacs where staff and their customers spend most of their time

Every day we come into contact with millions of microbes, specifically, stain and odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Periodically we come across mold, mildew, and algae. Conventional treatments and disinfectants can quickly kill and reduce the number of bacteria; however, once the solution dries the bacteria still grows and returns to unsafe levels. With the need to reach maximum revenues, the demand to turn over a “clean” hotel room is ever increasing. As millions of guests check-in and out of hotels every day, there is a greater risk of cross-contamination in those hotel living spaces and risk of missed “cleaning”. This presents a need for enhanced cleaning protocols, more specifically a regiment of disinfection and antimicrobial long-lasting surface protection is inherent.

Provide lasting protection with a new standard of clean for surfaces that travelers, customers, and employees come into contact with by making sure your accommodations are BIOPROTECTED™.

The BIOPROTECTUs™ System uses patented, registered technologies: SmartTouch®, a List N disinfectant, to disinfect surfaces against viruses, bacteria, and germs, and BIOPROTECT™ RTU antimicrobial surface protectant, to keep surfaces free of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae between cleanings, for up to 90 days (3 months). Additional products offered include the registered BIOPROTECT™ 500 concentrate and FDA-registered BIOPROTECT™ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer.

The BIOPROTECTUs™ System can be applied to many types of surfaces found while traveling such as the interior of vehicles, buses, airplanes or hotel rooms. The BIOPROTECTUs™ System also works on surfaces found in venues and facilities including tables, counters, seating, fabric, and carpeting.

The Solution


From hotel reception areas to elevators and escalators, to hotel beds and bathrooms, continued improvements to a facilities cleaning process can only benefit the health and experience of the guest, the employee and overall reputation. Surface disinfectants have not only proven ineffective, they have elevated this problem by helping odor causing bacteria and fungi to adapt and survive the kill. In addition, the BIOPROTECTUs™ System offers hand and skin purifiers, laundry treatments and air purifying filters.


  • Providing guests with a BIOPROTECTED™ room and hotel living space
  • Providing employees with and EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant and patented water-based
Surface treated with BIOPROTECT vs. an untreated surface


When applied to a surface, BIOPPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond with the surface. This creates a durable, protective, antimicrobial layer.


The BIOPROTECTUsâ„¢ System protects surfaces, includes patented, registered products to disinfect and protect surfaces.

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